How To Reduce Waste With Kids

Do you know there are many ways your children could lessen, reuse, and recycle discarded materials in the environment? These actions will help to preserve and protect the homes, trees, water, animals, and human lives from contamination with diseases and germs. And if you can’t handle it by yourself there are a lot of waste removal and clearance companies to help you.

Eight Great ways for kids to Reduce Waste

  • 1. Reuse paper and save trees

    You can reuse waste papers to do homework assignments and practice, take notes, and make lists. This will preserve trees that are used for making pulp and paper.

  • 2. Compost and manures

    Decomposable waste materials like vegetables, fruits, and food leftovers could be tossed into the compost sites where earthworms and critters will work on them to become manures and composts for our gardens. This exercise will minimize the quantity of wastes that are taken to landfills.

  • 3. Recycle

    Drop plastic containers, metal cans, and waste papers into the recycling bin. ‘Recycling’ means new products could be made from waste materials. These waste materials could also be reused for other meaningful purposes. In addition, these waste containers could be taken to the recycling centers and companies where they will be used to produce entirely new products.

  • 4. Turn off lights when you are leaving the room

    If you practice turning off lights when you are leaving the room, it will help to conserve the life of light bulbs by saving energy. In addition, turn off the televisions, computer systems, and other electricity gadgets when they are not in use. This approach will help to lengthen their life span and minimize wastes.

  • 5. Pack a litter less lunch

    Another great way to minimize wastes is to package a litter less lunch. You can offer them re-sealable containers for their sandwiches and lunch packs. Moreover, reusable bottles and thermos could be used for drinks. That means you should pack both food and drinks in reusable lunch bags and bottles for the kids.

  • 6. Turn off the water tap

    You can minimize water losses by turning off the tap whenever you are not using it immediately to either brush your teeth or wash other things. This attitude will help to save some liters of water every day.

  • 7. Walk or bike to school

    Vehicle traffic and air pollution could be minimized drastically if you can safely walk or bike to school rather than going with a motor vehicle.

  • 8. Tell your family, friends and teachers what you are doing

    If more people are aware of these facts and practice them, we will have a cleaner and greener environment.
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